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Diller Scofidio + Renfro are rebels with a cause and they have brought that to their first mainstream project, the transformation of the Lincoln Center

'We did apply to be considered for the new United States embassy in London,' says Ricardo Scofidio lugubriously, .... read more
Jules Fisher, the Tony-Award winning lighting designer and 2009 recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award in Lighting Design from the United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT), is the subject of a new monograph published by USITT. The Designs of Jules Fisher by Delbert Unruh is .... read more
Grimshaw-designed amphitheater to become latest Coney Island icon

It has been rough sailing out at Coney Island of late, with the destruction of Astroland last winter and simmering tensions about the city's rezoning proposal. But good news has started to trickle in this .... read more
What makes a great concert hall isn't simply a matter of acoustics. Unpredictable variables come into play: the facade, the decor, the buzz of the crowd, the smile of a familiar usher, your memories of past concerts, your entire inner world as it stands at .... read more
It is hard to imagine New York's Upper West Side as a slum of flophouses and run-down tenements, tough to envisage the site of the Metropolitan Opera as a centre of urban blight. Yet that is what it had become in the late 1950s when .... read more
At a time when the moneyed life in New York feels as if it is being sucked into the sewers, the reopening of Alice Tully Hall, the chamber music venue at Lincoln Center, feels like an eddy in the stream.

After the hall .... read more
In its every point of contact with the public these days, classical music wants to be more solicitous than ever, and with an impressive stretch of glass flaunting enormous vitality inside, the new Alice Tully Hall has arrived at 65th and Broadway as one glamorous .... read more
Twenty-five million dollars, and all anyone will notice is the new chairs.

That's the joke Ford's Theatre Director Paul Tetreault tells while leading a tour of the historic site and working theater, which has just reopened after an extensive (and expensive) 18-month renovation. .... read more
The rejuvenated Alice Tully Hall has now been open for just over a week, and musicians of various persuasions have been testing its responses during the inaugural festival. It has proved welcoming and remarkably elastic.

We heard the tenor Mark Padmore and pianist .... read more
Normally, New Yorkers never agree on anything.  But everyone seems to think the new and improved Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center's super-sized "chamber music" venue, is swell.

Hearing two programs with relatively large forces over the weekend - a bizarre new Russian .... read more
If you drop by the new Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, which celebrates its gala opening tonight with a program featuring Louise Pitre, I can guarantee one thing: You won't mind staying after school.

Not only is this bright and beautiful .... read more
An icon of New York City's cultural scene, the 1,100-seat Alice Tully Hall is a cornerstone of Manhattan's major performing arts complex. Built in 1969, its recent renovation is part of a large-scale rethinking of the entire Lincoln Center campus, with the design work led by .... read more
The rapid transformation of a small town into a big town often means, paradoxically, that its downtown goes to hell. Richmond Hill, which now counts 185,000 souls, follows the trend: a grand yellow-brick United Church, built in 1881, graces Yonge Street in the town's heart, flanked on .... read more
I have returned from New York marvelling, not for the first time, at the bouncebackability (as they say in sporting circles) of this pulsing city. Ancient tribes believed that they could harness colossal powers by building monuments on ley lines, along which the Earth's energy .... read more
After being closed for an 18-month, multimillion-dollar renovation, the historic Ford's Theatre in Washington reopened to the public Feb. 3, the week before the 200th anniversary of President Lincoln's birth.

Lincoln attended many performances at Ford's Theatre, but it was the last show he .... read more
"To wake the soul by tender strokes of art," reads the inscription inside the lid of the old harpsichord of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. The gorgeous instrument had been AWOL for nearly two years as the Chamber Music Society's Alice Tully Hall .... read more
About a month ago, running late, I ducked into Pain Quotidien on 65th Street for a quick bite before the opera. When I emerged, looking toward Lincoln Center, I felt like one of the citizens of Fellini's "Amarcord," gazing in wonder at the lights of .... read more
I don't think I've ever seen an ovation for a wall, but I did on Sunday night.

The pleasing, warm glow of the walls of the Lincoln Center's rebuilt and "reimagined" Alice Tully Hall got a spontaneous round of applause before the music .... read more
Finally, after what feels like endless years of planning, fund-raising, wish lists and sometimes contentious debates among the constituent institutions of Lincoln Center over the scope and timing of the renovation and redevelopment of the 16-acre campus, the first tangible results of the formidable project .... read more
New York City's Lincoln Center is one of America's premier performing-arts venues, but these days, it's just one big construction site. The 45-year-old campus is undergoing a $1.2 billion renovation to make it more modern and pedestrian-friendly. Sunday, the first part of the project is being .... read more