Coronavirus Resources

March 24, 2020
As you're aware, there's a lot of discussion and emotion swirling around the spread of the Coronavirus. We're relying on information provided by the CDC, the WHO, the U.S. State Department, and state and local health departments to keep informed. We'd like to share the resources we've found helpful, as well as industry-related news.

Please note that as this page is being updated and edited on an ongoing basis, some linked resources may have information that needs updating. Please click on the thumbnail to the left to see a comparison between cold, flu, and coronavirus symptoms.

Please remember to:
* Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.
* Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.
* Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm, not into the air.
* Don't share food, utensils, or beverage containers.
* Avoid those who are ill and stay home from work if you are ill, if possible.
* Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as smartphones and doorhandles with rubbing alcohol wipes and/or antibacterial bleach wipes.

Upcoming Events

* Opera Conference in Seattle has been cancelled
* USITT Conference in Houston has been cancelled
* ISPA Congress in Taipei has been cancelled
* AIA Conference on Architecture: Postponed
* SCUP Events Status: Virtual Meetings, Cancellations, and Proceeding as planned
* American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting: COVID-19 (scroll down)
* NAST Annual Meeting

Archived Webinars

* TCG: Coronavirus Preparedness for Theatres
* IAVM: Venue Industry Update on the Coronavirus
* Events Industry Council: Industry discussion on novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
* Event Safety Alliance: Prepare Your Organization for the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak
* Event Tech Group: Coronavirus - A Meeting Planner's Perspective

Industry Resources

* ArtsReady: Preparing for Potential Impact of the Coronavirus
* Performing Arts Readiness: Current Emergencies
* APAP: Emergency Preparedness and Response - Coronavirus Resources
* TCG: Preparing for the Impact of the Coronavirus
* League of American Orchestras: Resources on the Coronavirus
* League of American Orchestras: COVID-19, Concert Cancellations, and Congressional Action
* OPERA America: COVID-19 Resource Hub
* IAVM: COVID-19 Outbreak Resources
* Canadian Arts Presenting Association: Coronavirus Preparedness for the Live Performance Sector 
* GG Arts Law: The Response of the Performing Arts to the World Premiere of the Coronavirus
* COVID-19 & Freelance Artists

National & International Resources

* CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
* CDC Interim Guidance: Community Events
* COVID-19 Maps & Visuals
* U.S. State Department: Coronavirus
* WHO: Coronavirus
* European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Coronavirus
* Directory of Local Health Departments

Additional Resources & Information

* Performing Arts Alliance: Support Economic Assistance for Nonprofit Opera Companies and Artists Impacted by COVID-19
* Performing Arts Alliance: Nonprofits Need Access to COVID-19 Relief
* Independent Sector: Information on COVID-19
* Broadway Business: Broadway Shutdown Resource List
* Agility Recovery: Coronavirus Preparedness Resource Kit
* The Verge: How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer - Washing Your Hands Is How You Protect Yourself, But This Is Second Best
* American Chemistry Council: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)-Fighting Products 
* NPR: A Guide - How to Prepare Your Home for Coronavirus
* Million Mile Secrets: What to do if your travel plans are impacted by the coronavirus
* Events Industry Council: About COVID-19 (coronavirus)
* International Facility Management Association: Coronavirus Preparedness Resource Center
* AAM: Information for the Museum Field on the COVID-19/Coronavirus
* AAM: Lessons from History - Museums and Pandemics
* ACM: Resources to Help Guide Your Museum's Response to Coronavirus
* American Theatre Magazine: Theatres Stay Open but Make Backup Plans Amid COVID-19 Concerns
* Shen Yun Is Not from China, Shows in No Way Affected By Coronavirus
* Fast Company: How to stop the spread of racism during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak
* Society for Human Resource Management: Coronavirus and Racism - Take Precautions to Fight Discrimination

Unicorn Chaser

* Wired: Is It OK to Make Coronavirus Memes and Jokes?
* Eater: Tito's Forced to Repeatedly Tell Customers They Can't Use Vodka as Hand Sanitizer
* Cnet: Spock's Vulcan salute should replace handshakes in coronavirus era
* Broadway Beat: CDC Urges Citizens to Avoid Spreading Coronavirus by Greeting Exclusively with Jazz Hands
* Hyperallergic: Out, Damned Spot! Handwashing Goes Viral
* McSweeney's: Working from Home During a Global Pandemic Bingo
* Unnecessary Inventions: The Pandemic Prevention Utility Belt
* CDC: Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands - poster
* Emojipedia: Spread of the Coronavirus Emoji