Bass Performance Hall
(Nancy Lee & Perry R. Bass Performance Hall) 1998
View of Ceiling Dome
View of Exterior
Exterior Close-up of Angel
View of Lobby
Orchestra Level Plan
Box Tier Level Plan
2nd Tier Level Plan
3rd Tier Level Plan
Section Thru Hall
Client:Performing Arts Fort Worth
Project Category:Multipurpose Theatres
Architect:David M. Schwarz
Arch. of Record:HKS Architects
Completion Year:1998
Location:Fort Worth, Texas
Acoustician:Jaffe Holden Acoustics
Building Size:180,000 s.f.
Capacity:2,050 seats
This classical 2,000-seat, world-class, multipurpose hall on a relatively small downtown site was designed for the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition,  Fort Worth Symphony, Opera, and Ballet. Spearheaded by the vision of its donor, Edward Bass, the performance hall was collaboratively designed by its architect, David M. Schwarz, acoustician, Paul Scarbrough, and theatre consultants, FDA.  The hall is an active presenter of major touring events, including Broadway shows. Since its completion, it has won raves from critics, conductors, and patrons alike. There is no sacrifice to quality in the presentation of any performance type in this superb multiuse hall.

Recalling European concert halls of the 19th century, the main hall's four levels contain orchestra, parterre, box tier, mezzanine, and balcony seats laid out to give audiences a feeling of intimacy rarely found in large symphony halls.  Bass Hall flawlessly evokes the elegance and glamour that were so much a part of concertgoing in the 19th century.  Performing Arts Fort Worth Inc. and its founder, entrepreneur Edward Bass, spirited the project along at every step.