Seattle Repertory Theater Renovation Study 2008
Client:Seattle Repertory Theater
Project Category:Resident Professional Theatres
Completion Year:2008
Location:Seattle, Washington

Like many of its contemporaries, Seattle Rep found itself increasingly constrained by its physical plant in a number of ways.  These include challenges involving the lobbies and patrons' experience, artistic issues with the performance and support spaces, production and operational deficiencies back-of-house, code compliance problems, as well as issues of image and identity in the community. Several peer institutions have undertaken major reconstruction efforts over the past few years, and the Guthrie and Goodman theatres have both chosen to leave their original homes entirely for new facilities.

Seattle Rep makes its home within the campus of Seattle Center, the site of the 1962 World's Fair, and home to many of Seattle's major performance venues.  The Bagley Wright Theatre makes up the older part of the complex (built in 1983), and the adjoining Leo Kreielsheimer Theatre, with its own public and private spaces, was added in 1997.  Today, some of Seattle Rep's facilities are well suited to their purpose, and others less so. Put simply, many aspects of the facilities no longer facilitate, but instead present an obstacle to accomplishing the Rep's stated missions.

The purpose of our study was to inventory the facility issues for Board consideration, to develop a range of possible solutions and their costs, and to create a framework for moving forward.  Phases 1 and 2 of the study, which included a detailed facilities assessment and a menu of improvement options with cost estimates, are complete.  Phase 3 will consist of a prioritized list of capital improvements and a strategic plan to guide their implementation.