Myeongdong Theater 2009
Client:Myeongdong - Chongdong Theater Foundation
Project Category:International
Architect:Samoo Architects & Engineers
Completion Year:2009
Location:Seoul, Korea
Acoustician:Jaffe Holden Acoustics
Capacity:558 seats
The Myeongdong Theater is an exclusive theatrical performance center, which opened in 2009 in the building where the National Theater of Korea used to be located.

From 1934 to 1973, the National Theater of Korea pioneered Korean arts and culture, functioning as a movie theater, performance hall and art theater. Though it closed its doors in 1975, after 3 years of renovation by Samoo Architects, the theater has been renamed and was reopened as the Myeongdong Theater in June 5, 2009. After a completely new theatre space was built inside the original building, the theatre has now been reborn as a mid-sized performance hall with state-of-the-art stage equipment and 588 seats, offering audiences a great view of the stage while the close proximity allows them to share an intimate experience with the performers and audience members.

The theater presents a range of performances such as serious plays, experimental plays, non-verbal performances, and musicals. The theatre is also a popular venue for diverse events like acting contests, theater festivals and performance festivals