Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Avery Fisher Stage Renovation 1992
Ceiling Reflectors
Stage Reflectors
Client:Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Project Category:Renovation and Restoration
Architect:John Burgee
Arch. of Record:SOM Architects
Completion Year:1992
Location:New York, New York
Capacity:2,738 seats
In the 1991 renovation of the hall, new moveable reflecting surfaces designed as part of a renovation of on-stage acoustics (by Artec) required new stage lighting and rigging systems.  To accommodate these new acoustical renovations, FDA redesigned, relocated, and re-installed new stage lighting and rigging systems. 

The work was rapidly completed in time for the Philharmonic's 150th Anniversary concert.  Subsequently, the new lighting system was declared a stunning improvement, particularly for the musicians on stage who can now see their music much more effectively and can be seen by the audience in a more appropriate stage lighting environment.