Hamilton College
Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts 2014
Client:Hamilton College
Project Category:Colleges and Universities
Architect:Machado and Silvetti Associates
Completion Year:2014
Location:Clinton, New York
Acoustician:Acoustic Dimensions
Capacity:175 seats
When the Hamilton College theatre department came to FDA, their performing arts facility was in desperate need of an upgrade: there was a lack of adequate wing space and fly space, there were cramped and ill-equipped scenery and costume shops, no studio theatre for teaching and rehearsal space, and only one classroom. The brand new arts facility will address these problems, enabling the department to expand its productions and provide students with vastly improved performance and teaching venues.

The design of the new building features a fully equipped 175-seat flexible theatre with support spaces and dressing rooms; a 100-seat student-driven laboratory theatre, which will be used for senior projects, class projects, guest artists and the occasional public performance; a studio with selected lighting, seating, and sound equipment, which will be used as a teaching space for performance-based classes; a connected seminar room that will augment the studio space; and new scene shops, costume shops, and storage areas.

The new facility will provides a locus for creative activity, student life and the presentation of timely issues, enriching the entire campus culture.