Wheeler Opera House Expansion 2012
Client:Wheeler Opera House
Project Category:Renovation and Restoration
Architect:Mills + Schnoering Architects, LLC
Arch. of Record:Rowland + Broughton Architects
Completion Year:2012
Location:Aspen, Colorado
Capacity:299 seats
FDA assisted the architects in the complete renovation of the balcony of the late-1880s era Wheeler Opera House. The project included a new balcony structure and finishes, control booth, seating, HVAC upgrades, and emergency lighting. FDA was instrumental in refining a new balcony seating geometry that greatly improved seating comfort and sightlines for patrons.

Additionally, renovations included the elimination of existing 35mm film projectors in favor of a state-of-the-art digital cinema projection system. Improvements to the architectural room lighting included the addition of efficient LED lighting. Many of the original features the box seats, the balcony balustrade, the proscenium arch, the chandelier were returned to their original 1889 grandeur.