Pushkin Museum Cultural Quarter
Concert Building (unbuilt) 2012
Client:Pushkin Museum
Project Category:Museum Theatres
Architect:Foster and Partners
Completion Year:2012
Location:Moscow, Russian Federation
Capacity:600 seats
The Pushkin is the only museum in the Russian capital with a substantial collection of Western art from antiquity to the 20th century. The main neoclassical building hasn't seen major repairs since it opened in 1912. British architect Lord Norman Foster was asked by Irina Antonova, the museum's director since 1962, to revamp and enlarge the existing museum. The architect's plan, presented to the board last November, calls for nothing less than the creation of a museum city, with the entire area turned into a pedestrian zone with gardens and tree-lined boulevards.

In Lord Foster's design, the Pushkin itself and the surrounding group of 12 historic mansions will be renovated and refurbished. An exhibition building, a commercial office building, an administrative building and a 600-seat concert hall will be constructed. In addition, there will be impressive underground facilities housing cafés and restaurants. According to the plan, the museum's exhibition space will be quadrupled to about 428,000 square feet. Compare that to the space in New York's expanded Museum of Modern Art (125,000 square feet) or in London's Tate Britain and Tate Modern (a total of 222,812 square feet between them).

              - Wall Street Journal