Landmark Theatre Stagehouse Expansion 2011
Project Category:Renovation and Restoration
Architect:Holmes King Kallquist & Associates
Completion Year:2011
Location:Syracuse, New York
Acoustician:AVL Designs
The Landmark Theatre, originally known as Loew's State Theater, is an historic theater from the era of "movie palaces," in Syracuse, New York. Designed by Thomas W. Lamb, it is the city's only surviving example of the opulent theatrical venues of the 1920s and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

From October 2010 to November 2011, a $16 million renovation project expanded the backstage area, also providing new dressing rooms and green rooms to attract larger, longer-running Broadway tours and other events to the theater. The new expanded stagehouse features a new manual counterweight rigging system. The aging, recessed loading dock in the theater's rear on South Clinton Street was removed and replaced with a new two-bay dock. New side lighting (box boom positions) in the seating were installed, as well as safely accessible forestage rigging points for lighting trusses and speakers. The box office was relocated from Jefferson Street to Salina Street, next to the lobby entrance and the original wooden ticket booth, both disused since its Loews State days.