Royal Academy of Music
New Theatre & Recital Hall 2018
Credit: Adam Scott
Credit: Adam Scott
Credit: Adam Scott
Credit: Adam Scott
Client:Royal Academy of Music
Project Category:Colleges and Universities
Architect:Ian Ritchie Architects
Completion Year:2018
Location:London, United Kingdom
Capacity:309 seats
FDA collaborated with Ian Ritchie Architects on this major overhaul of the 1970s auditorium, which has become the Susie Sainsbury Theatre. The works completed revised the geometry of the auditorium significantly, added a balcony, increased the seating capacity to 300, and improved the ambiance of the auditorium.  Production capacity was greatly increased with a larger orchestra pit, increased wingspace, and added a new flytower, fitted with a motorized flying system. These improvements will allow the academy's students to perform larger operas and musicals than previously, and expand the curriculum and instruction the Academy can offer.

"The spaces are stunningly beautiful, acoustically brilliant, and inspiring. They will raise the bar and challenge the students and staff in every possible form of music to reach higher and search further." -- Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal, Royal Academy of Music
RIBA London Award 2018
RIBA London Building of the Year 2018
A new theatre - an introduction by architect Ian Ritchie