National Arts Centre - Study 2015
Client:National Arts Centre
Project Category:Planning and Feasibility
Completion Year:2015
Location:Ottawa, Ontario
The National Arts Centre is an extraordinary arts facility; however, 45-years-old complex had begun to show its age. Technology had changed since its creation, and the expectations and desires of artists, technicians, and audiences had also evolved. FDA examined the NAC's structures; fly,  lighting, and sound systems; shop facilities; artist accommodations; projection technology; back-of-house support spaces; and its audience seating to identify everything that no longer adequately served its functions.

The objective was to identify potential packages of work that could be accomplished during the Architectural Rejuvenation and the following 10 years of summer maintenance downtime. The scopes of work were intended to upgrade and update the theatres and their technical infrastructure, and to bring the NAC up to international standards in terms of safety, usability, and universal accessibility.

Like many of its peers and contemporaries, the NAC found itself increasingly constrained by its physical plant and production resources. Artistic and commercial success shaped the programming within the venues associated with the NAC; some of these venues were well suited to their current purpose, and some less so. The full report identified the detailed deficiencies associated with each front-of-house and back-of-house space, and proposed detailed interventions.