Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Delbridge Family Center for the Arts 2016
Client:Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Project Category:Secondary Schools
Architect:designLAB Architects
Completion Year:2016
Location:Natick, Massachusetts
Originally an all-girls prep school founded in 1893 and transformed into an arts school in the early 70s, Walnut Hill School for the arts is a secondary school established exclusively for the arts. The Studio 5 Theater project will offer a facility that reflects the school's emergence as a premier art institute.

Though the addition of Studio 5 as a teaching, event, and performance space will have an impact on the entire campus community, two departments that will most certainly see their programs shift and evolve based on the potential of the space are Theater and Dance. Taking to a whole new level the idea that the right space and materials can engender amazing outcomes, the new Studio 5 will offer a dance studio and a fully outfitted flexible performance space, both bursting with possibilities. Armed with the knowledge that needs, art forms, and technologies will all continue to develop and change, the diverse team of individuals contributing input to the building's design are ensuring that the space is malleable, allowing faculty and students the freedom to bring their artistic visions to life.