The Public Theater Study
Client:The Public Theater
Project Category:Planning and Feasibility
Location:New York, New York
FDA has had a relationship with The Public and New York Shakespeare Festival for over 50 years now beginning with Jules Fisher's collaborations with Joe Papp and continuing through several studies to evaluate and identify infrastructure improvements to the theatre.

Many temporary ad-hoc solutions had become essentially permanent, but were inadequate and needed to be replaced with better installations. Most of the studies were confined to evaluating the existing facility and its potential improvement. Items identified for evaluation by the Public's staff included, among other concerns, location of power sources; weight-bearing capacity and configuration of stage lighting and rigging accommodations; performer circulation to and from dressing rooms, and distribution of dressing rooms throughout the building; load-in access; column locations in performance and rehearsal spaces; soundproofing between performance spaces; condition of aging finishes, equipment, and stage floor; replacement or upgrade of the seating platform system; and replacement of draperies.

Additional studies were undertaken to examine the feasibility of the expansion and/and redesign of the Anspacher Theater.