Ciudad del Flamenco (unbuilt)
Client:Ayuntamiento de Jerez
Project Category:Museum Theatres
Architect:Herzog & De Meuron
Completion Year:2009
Location:Cadiz, Spain
Acoustician:Arau Acoustics
Capacity:795 seats
Flamenco occupies a cherished place in Andalucian culture, and the city of Jerez de la Frontera is widely regarded as its birthplace and spiritual home. The city has produced numerous famous performers, creators and interpreters, and the local style displays the exuberant influence of Gypsy communities which historically have always been integrated into Jerez.

With the goal of promoting contemporary Flamenco culture, the design team has envisioned a complex, including an auditorium, a dance school, research center and museum, that takes its inspiration from traditional Gypsy ornamentation as well as from the architectural vocabulary of traditional Andalusian courtyards.

FDA collaborated with Herzog and De Meuron on the planning and design of two performance spaces, and the selection of the appropriate and necessary stage equipment, stage lighting and other accommodations.