Great Lakes Center for the Arts 2018
Client:Great Lakes Center for the Arts
Project Category:Community Arts Centers
Completion Year:2018
Location:Bay Harbor, Michigan
The Great Lakes Center for the Arts will be a national destination known for unique cultural performances and events, a leading regional arts and arts education provider and an internationally recognized center for important intellectual dialogue. When the curtain goes up in 2018, the Center will present a year-round line-up of programming across all genres, visiting artists, intellectual dialogue, movies and film, and educational programming, offering exceptional opportunities to bring world-class performances to the shores of Lake Michigan with virtually limitless possibilities to inspire, entertain, and educate.

The Great Lakes Center for the Arts will be equipped with sound reinforcement, electronic architecture, show relay, and production communications systems. The sound reinforcement system will be a multi-channel left/center/right system with line array loudspeakers. The system has been designed to be rider-friendly, meaning that it will meet the requirements of celebrity performers' technical requirements contracts. An electronic architecture system will also be provided and will allow acoustics of the venue to be electronically optimized to match the varied requirements of the wide range of programming, from cinema to symphony, that is anticipated. The EA system includes approximately 100 loudspeakers discreetly located with the audience chamber. These loudspeakers will also support Dolby Atmos cinema sound playback.