Orpheum Theatre Study 2016
Client:Vancouver Civic Theatres
Project Category:Planning and Feasibility
Completion Year:2016
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia
FDA was engaged to complete an assessment of the existing historic 2,688-seat Orpheum in Vancouver, British Columbia, to determine its ability to function as a permanent home with excellent acoustics for the Vancouver Symphony. Our work encompassed the following tasks: conducting a physical survey of the Orpheum; meeting with representatives of Vancouver Civic Theatres, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and Facilities and Real Estate Management for the City of Vancouver; attending a rehearsal and concert of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to develop a subjective assessment of the acoustics. The resulting report offered a variety of solutions to address the non-acoustical issues through investment and reconstruction in the auditorium and public areas, as well as the acoustic and functional difficulties of the Orpheum, at different price points to accommodate various funding levels/budgets.