Chautauqua Institution Amphitheatre 2017
Client:Chautauqua Institution
Project Category:Amphitheatres
Architect:Mitchell Kurtz Architect
Arch. of Record:Serena Sturm Architects
Completion Year:2017
Location:Chautauqua, New York
Capacity:4,400 seats
The Amphitheater is physically, programmatically, and emotionally the heart of the Chautauqua Institute, and has been so since its construction in 1883. The structure had many challenges because of age, size, configuration, and the demands of presenting a 21st century program in a 19th century building.

The multipurpose venue is welcoming and comfortable for its patrons, as well as the artists and lecturers who present there, and is designed so that back-of-house operations can be managed efficiently. Overstage technical infrastructure designed by FDA has greatly improved the Amphitheater's function.

The Amphitheater now features an expanded stage, orchestra pit with mechanical lift, improved sightlines, increased and more comfortable seating, and improved accessibility. The back-of-house is a significantly larger structure to accommodate greatly enhanced and expanded dressing rooms, storage areas, and production offices. It now has a seating capacity of approximately 4,400, all under cover of the roof. With standing room included, the total capacity of the new facility is estimated at 6,363. The wings of the roof extend 15' farther than previously to protect more seating from the elements.