Getty Villa
The Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater 2006
Client:The Getty Center
Project Category:Museum Theatres
Architect:Machado + Silvetti
Completion Year:2006
Location:Malibu, California
FDA was brought on board the Getty Villa design team by architects Machado + Silvetti. This project included renovations to the Museum's original 1974 facilities and the addition of gallery space, classrooms, bookstore, a cafe and research library.  FDA consulted on the design of the 250- seat indoor auditorium as well as the 450- seat outdoor ampitheatre.

The smaller room, a sophisticated auditorium, was designed for classic museum lectures and presentations. Its stage is also large enough for dance and theatrical productions, and has the necessary green room and dressing room amenities for performances.  FDA creatively integrated all of the technical equipment now expected for modern day productions without compromising the architect's vision for this structure. The space is equipped with state-of-art stage lighting, rigging and drapery systems to facilitate quick changeovers with minimum effort.

The design of the outdoor theatre, carved into the Malibu hills, is based on the archetype of the ancient Greek amphitheatre, and presents music, theatre and dance.  FDA designed the technical infrastructure to allow touring groups to bring in their own lighting and audio equipment and plug-into the theatre's systems for quick and easy setups.  
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