Tom Patterson Theatre 2020
Client:The Stratford Festival
Project Category:Resident Professional Theatres
Architect:Hariri Pontarini
Completion Year:2020
Location:Stratford, Ontario
Building Size:75,000 s.f.
Capacity:600 seats
At the heart of the building, the theatre is designed to honor all that is cherished about the beloved Tom Patterson; the unique elongated thrust stage, the pronounced stepping of the tiers that provide clear sightlines, and the unparalleled intimacy. The curved ceiling embraces the patrons below, and is expressed as a basketed surface of textured dark wooden planks. Between each plank, acoustic treatment and concealed air slots provide all the technical rigor to achieve a sophisticated theatre environment. Beneath the vaulted ceiling, a network of suspended technical catwalks replete with elegant wooden acoustic baffles will form a hanging 'chandelier' that provides flexibility and access to lighting and rigging positions for all performances. The overall design creates an architecture presenting a unified whole, while at the same time enabling each programmatic element -- the lobby, education spaces, and Forum -- to have distinct experiences nestled within.