Hunter College
Assembly Hall Auditorium 2017
Project Category:Planning and Feasibility
Completion Year:2017
Location:New York, New York
Acoustician:Jaffe Holden
Capacity:2,000 seats
In 2016, Hunter College engaged FDA to develop a plan for the rehabilitation of the auditorium. The seating and sightlines are currently optimized for a shallow stage, only suitable for lecture and presentation. The school expressed a desire to make the auditorium more attractive to commercial presenters and to better serve the Hunter College community for its own purposes, including music, drama, dance, etc.

Changes could include narrowing and reshaping the side walls, a complete seat replacement, and a new seating arrangement to eliminate seats with poor sightlines and to allow modern standards of comfort. Additional changes to the building would improve public amenities, the flow of patron foot traffic, back-of-house support spaces, and replacement of technical systems. To accommodate a deeper stage, the intent would be to overbuild the existing balcony to improve sightlines, the row depth for comfort, and provide barrier-free access with wheelchair locations at a cross-aisle.

FDA provided multiple schemes for improvements to the building, from least to most complex, to accommodate differing budget levels and fundraising efforts.