Guthrie Theater
Dowling Studio Theatre 2006
Client:Guthrie Theater
Project Category:Resident Professional Theatres
Architect:Atelier Jean Nouvel
Arch. of Record:Architectural Alliance
Completion Year:2006
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota
Acoustician:The Talaske Group
Capacity:200 seats
The original home of this important regional company was built in the early 1960's and the Guthrie has been struggling with major space deficiencies ever since. With its badly aging 35-year old home no longer sufficient for either its present programs or new ones, the Guthrie embarked on a plan for a new three-theatre complex on the Mississippi River.  

Central to the Guthrie's mission is a commitment to nurture and develop the next generation of theater artists. The Dowling Studio, pictured here, was created to increase and complement the Guthrie's programming, and to provide a totally flexible and well-equipped performance space to extend the theater's cultural and community connections.

"The inspiration and vision for a studio space lies in the unique history and character of the "black box," which originated in the off-off-Broadway movement of the 1960s, and is responsible in part for the experimental nature of new American plays as well as the proliferation of American playwrights in the past four decades. The absence of color or interesting architectural detail means that the vitality and dynamic life of the studio will be created by the people inside it both the artists and the audience."

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