France-Merrick Performing Arts Center
Hippodrome Theatre 2002
Client:Maryland Stadium Authority, Theatre Management Group
Project Category:Renovation and Restoration
Architect:Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer
Completion Year:2002
Location:Baltimore, Maryland
Acoustician:JHS Acoustics
Capacity:2,200 seats
After years of standing empty, this landmark 1914 Thomas Lamb theatre was renovated as the centerpiece of a new downtown performing arts center, which its proponents correctly envisioned would serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of Baltimore's West Side.

The Hippodrome - with 2,200 seats - is principally  a venue for Broadway tours. Ornate side seating boxes, removed during its life as a movie theatre, were reinstated. The existing stage was  replaced with a new 100-feet wide and 50-feet deep stagehouse, new rigging and stage lighting systems, and an 80-foot high grid. Expanded lobbies and a special, designated VIP lobby, along with additional rest rooms, were part of the project The Hippodrome now presents.

FDA programmed support facilities, including new dressing rooms, a green room, offices, and ancillary facilities, and designed and specified new stage equipment and lighting systems.