Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Laura Turner Concert Hall 2006
Orchestra Level Plan
First Balcony Plan
Second Balcony Plan
Building Section
Building Section - Flat Floor Mode
Client:The Nashville Symphony
Project Category:Concert Halls
Architect:David M. Schwarz Architectural Services
Arch. of Record:Earl Swensson
Completion Year:2006
Location:Nashville, Tennessee
Building Size:197,000 s.f.
Capacity:1,860 seats
Drawing inspiration from European-style venues, Schermerhorn Symphony Center is the new home of the Nashville Symphony. The ornamental, neo-classical inspired building has 1,860 seats arranged in shoebox configuration. The stage accommodates as many as 115 musicians, and an additional 140 choral seats behind the stage.    

A hallmark feature of the Laura Turner Concert Hall is its flexibility. The center section of the main auditorium rests on multiple chair wagons. A platform lift  allows seat wagons to be lowered to a storage level beneath the orchestra level, creating a flat floor for pop concerts, dances, and special events.

"This is a thoroughly modern building wearing somewhat traditional-looking clothing. Beneath its historically-inspired appearance is an incredible contemporary machine with sophisticated technology. We chose equipment for the Hall such as robotic lighting fixtures that you normally see in rock and roll, and there's a wonderful FDA-designed system to convert the room from a sloped floor to a flat floor." - FDA Principal Joshua Dachs