Here at FDA we’re committed to working toward ending structural racism in America. We certainly don’t have all the solutions, but we can listen, we can learn, and we can act. FDA commits to the following actions:

  • Financial sponsorship of arts and service organizations that promote redressing the historic imbalance of writers, composers, directors, conductors, musicians, actors, dancers, designers, staff, funders, supporters and audiences on American stages, backstage, in the seats, and in the board room.
  • Improve our hiring practices. We have come to realize that we must devise an expanded outreach effort to increase the presence and voices of Black Americans and other members of the BIPOC community in our profession and in our firm.
  • Seek ways to support businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color in our operational expenditures.
  • Support education and dialogue within our staff around the history of systemic and individual racism and avenues in which we can be advocates for anti-racism.
  • Properly research, prepare, and add a Land Recognition statement to our web site.